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Indoor Advertising Billboards are everywhere. Restaurants, Airports, Malls, Retail Shops and more. The market for Indoor Advertising is nearly unlimited. Business owners can personalize custom content,develop static or video menu boards, cross sell/upsell current specials and reach the most important customer any business has, an engaged one.

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What is Indoor Advertising?

Indoor Advertising Billboards are a dynamic, point of decision communication that reaches your targeted consumers outside of their home. Unlike ads that can be skipped, thrown away, or turned off, Indoor Advertising is the most effective way to get your message across

Why Billboard Indoor Advertising


What’s more attention-grabbing — a 300 x 250 ad on a magazine or coupon book, listed next to all of your competition or a 3×2 -foot dynamic ad in a high traffic consumer location exclusive to you. With exclusive dynamic ads that are served in high-impact locations, the ability to grab and hold a user’s attention is increased 10x’s over.

By 2020, it is estimated that ad blocking and thrown away coupon books will cost advertisers roughly $35 billion in lost revenue. The good news for Indoor Billboard advertisers is that ad blocking or having an advertisement thrown in the trash is not an issue. 100% Reach, Guaranteed.

No Ad Blocking. No Trash Can

Best In Class Targeting

Businesses experience a one of a kind reach with Indoor Billboard Advertising. By reaching consumers at targeted and specific locations,Businesses interact and engage when the attention of their target consumer is more likely to be captured.

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