The first step to create profit from social media advertising is having the right platform. Social media is often labeled as the most affordable form of online marketing. We've combined today's most popular social media and website tools into 1 easy-to-use platform.

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We make it easier to grow your business using social media. Our websites seamlessly integrate into today's most popular social media networks. Use our Testimonial, Blogging and Online Flyer creation tools to get more social media exposure for free. See your content shared on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Pinterest. All our content fits seamlessly into any device type.


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Your website and social media content needs to be optimized for mobile devices and cell phones if you want to increase your social media exposure. We make it easy and we make everything mobile phone friendly.

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Never again re-build your website or re-create your content to be more social friendly. Our platform is always updated to meet the demands of today's most popular social networks. We are always trending so you don't have to.

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Our platform is packed with online social tools to help you grow your business faster and more affordable. Easily create content for free that gets shared faster. Quickly learn what content generates new business

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Today's business needs are changing faster than ever before. Get unlimited usage and stop whenever you want. Only use our platform when our tools and features fit your business needs. Customized packages are available.

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Social Media Marketing Services

Implementing a social media marketing strategy for your business is another key to driving good engagement and conversions. With billions of users spending the likes of 8 hours per day across different social platforms, if you’re not on social media, you’re essentially losing the game.

Social media has become one of the biggest traffic drivers that taps into a user base through brand awareness strategy and a wide content reach. Like everything else in the digital world, building up a good, converting reputation on social media takes effort and time. offers top social media marketing and optimization services in Arizona and across the country.

What is Social Media Marketing?

According to search expert Neil Patel, “Social media marketing is the process of creating content that you have tailored to the context of each individual social media platform in order to drive user engagement and sharing.” Like SEO, optimizing your social media is all based on user interaction. It’s based on building a solid brand that relates to your consumers and giving them content that is high-quality and that you know will interest them.

It’s important to note that every social media platform is different and that posting the same exact thing with the same exact message isn’t going to get you very far. People visit Facebook for one reason, Instagram for the next, and Twitter for another. The content needs to be engaging and make sense for the particular platform that you’re posting to. Thinking about the content and also the context is an important aspect of social media marketing.There are different types of posts that you can utilize, including paid advertising post tactics. From posting photos to videos to posting a story, a LIVE video, or even a poll, you are able to pay to boost your content. This simply means that you pick a demographic and your content will be placed in front of that group as a sponsored post.

Social Medai Platforms For Busimess Website You can do this across as major platforms these days. The downside is that putting together an effective paid social strategy is not only confusing but doing it wrong can cost you a lot of money and a lot of conversions. Social media is a game changer when it comes to promoting your business. Consumers want to make more educated purchases and feel the need to fully connect with a brand before they offer their payment details. It’s the millennial mindset that’s here to stay. The platform provides social media driven features that cultivate strong customer relationships, hands down. The team offers everything you need to have an effective social media presence. We understand the complexities of the online environment and have the structure needed to drive more traffic back to your business. We analyze and put together a strategy that’s best suited to your needs.

The main benefit and ultimate goal of social media marketing is to drive traffic to your business. Like search engine optimization tactics, social media optimization focuses on reaching the right people at the right time in hopes that they will find your content appealing enough to visit and convert.

Wondering what the additional benefits are? Check out the below:

Most affordable advertising strategy

If you have a solid brand strategy that speaks well to the end user, social media can take you very far for a lower cost than what you would be spending on other forms of digital advertising. Focusing on the image that you’re projecting and putting together a plan of action based on data will drive many likes, clicks, visits, mentions, and more.

Creates brand loyalty

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again! Brand loyalty is key to attracting consumers these days. People need to be willing to pick your brand over your competitors. It’s your job to give them a good reason to do so! Purchasers want to know and trust the companies that they’re buying from. If you can create a community centered around your product or business and get them to stick around, you’ve won. They will share about you on their own social channels and also share with their friends.

More ways to reach new customers

The demographics of the various social channels provide different ways to tap into unique, potential customers. Depending on the platform, you can specifically tailor your content to speak to a new end-user.

Creates ongoing new content

If you’re planning a good social media strategy, you are going to likely have tons of new content every single month. Because consumers demand fresh content, you will be forced to keep providing it. This is where a social media marketing services company can help!

Keeps your business relevant

If you’re not on the social media platforms, you’re losing the business game. A lot of consumers will specifically look up to see if you have a certain social channel to connect before making a purchase. If you’re active on social media and have new content and a good following, your business is considered relevant. It’s also a great way for other businesses to connect and tag you...think good press!

Increases traffic to your website

The ultimate benefit that every business owner is looking for. It’s important to add relevant links to your social channels and all of your posts! You want to constantly be updating these and offering new content for your user base to visit. Promoting new content and utilizing incentives is key to driving good traffic to your site.

It humanizes your brand

The voice of your brand is in your control when it comes to running your social media channels. What tone of voice will you use? How will you engage with your audience when responding to comments or posting something new? People like to feel like they’re not talking to a robot behind the scenes!

It allows you to manage your reputation

People go to social media to talk about what they love and, unfortunately, don’t love about your business. If you’re there to respond to any and all comments, you can fix any negative situations that may arise and turn it into a positive one. If you’re not on social media, you’ll never see it and won’t be able to do anything about it. This is also important when it comes to crisis PR situations.

You can utilize user-generated content

Social media is making user-generated content more popular than ever. If you can get your audience to begin curating images for you, that’s gold. You can repost those images and tag them – they did that for you!

Collect good data

There is so much information to be collected on social media through various reporting tools. Make educated decisions on what’s working, what’s not, and what people want to see from you in the future. Listening to your audience is key.

Good SEO opportunities

You can utilize social media channels for reaching out to other companies that you want to backlink your content. The important part is to make sure you are mentioning people in your posts and not just spamming their DM inbox. Focus on genuine outreach that isn’t demanding. You can also get your social profiles to rank on Google when users search your business name. There are so many more benefits of social media marketing that the list is too long to continue here – you probably get the point! There’s a lot more to the process than just simply posting content. Let a social media services company like Reach America Media guide the way.

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