Also known as Digital Out of Home Media (DOOH), Digital Signage Billboards are a dynamic, point of decision communication that reaches your targeted consumers outside of their home. Unlike ads that can be skipped, thrown away, or turned off, Digital Signage is the most effective way to get your message across. Placed strategically at targeted locations throughout the area, Digital Signage builds your brand presence and drives new customers to your business by delivering fresh content.


The Numbers Tell The Story:
Utilizing Digital Signage Significantly Increases Customer Engagement.




The first major advantage of buying digital signage is the premium high-impact location of a Digital Signage ad. With indoor billboards, your advertisements will have access to a much larger ad real estate. What’s more attention-grabbing — a 300 x 250 ad on a magazine or coupon book, listed next to all of your competition or a 3×2 -foot dynamic ad in a high traffic consumer location exclusive to you. With exclusive dynamic ads that are served in high-impact locations, the ability to grab and hold a user’s attention is increased 10x’s over.


No Ad Blocking

Secondly, No Ad Blocking. By 2020, it is estimated that ad blocking will cost advertisers roughly $35 billion in lost revenue. This is bad news for advertisers whose ads will continue to drop in effectiveness, and even worse news for the advertisers who are being ad-blocked before they can even begin to market to a new consumer. The good news for Digital Signage advertisers is that ad blocking is not an issue since the network provider owns the endpoint. No ad blocking software can be installed on digital signage meaning continuous ad play through, all the time.



Lastly and  the best aspect of Digital Signage, Targeting. Advertisers can experience a precise reach with Digital Signage. Instead of advertisers relying on a direct mail providers circulation %’s, Digital Signage enables advertisers to target specific consumer locations. Locataions such as health clinics, restaurants, retail stores, gas stations, financial institution and more. By reaching audiences at target specific locations, advertisers can interact and engage with their desired audience and increase Ad and Brand retention when a customers attention is more likely to be captured.

Benefits of Indoor Signage Vs Traditional Media

Advantages of Reach America Media:

One Stop Solution For All Digital Signage Needs Ad cycle is every 12 – 15 minutes → Maximizes impressions and Decreases Banner Blindness Category exclusivity guaranteed → No More Paying High Prices To Be Placed With Your Competitors Multiple monitors in every venue → Visible to 100% of customers Cost – Effective Through Innovation

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